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    The SCHOOL/EDUCATION access to Sirha is strictly reserved to curriculum directly connected to Food Service and catering, Hospitality or Food Trade activities.

    Please read the instructions and conditions hereunder carefully:

    For your comfort, a group is made of minimum 4 students and cannot exceed 30 students per class and/or 100 students per school.

    Minimum age for students: 16 and BEP, CAP professional diploma.
    1 accompanying person per 10 students (no groups will be allowed without an accompanying person).
    Each supervisor/school has the entire responsability of his group.
    Access badges are nominative and cannot be transfered to any other visitor. Identity controls can happen on the trade show floor.
    French Secondary schools are not admitted.

    No possibility of visit the MONDAY with a school group.

    Please provide the following information for each student
    Title, name, first name

    Deadline for sending requests: January 11th, 2019 , 6pm.

    Requests are subject to approval by Sirha organizers.
    No inscription can take place on the Sirha premises.